I just finished writing my new book "The 6 String Bass Warmup.”

I was practicing the other day and started thinking about my process, my routine and how I start my regimen each and every day. 
Being an advocate of the 80/20 Principle which states "you can get 80% of the results you are aiming for by focusing on 20% of your most important activities,"  it dawned on me that without a plan in place, you are less likely to compete your goal. 

So… with that in mind, I decided to write up my “first thing every day plan.”

This book is that plan expanded to illustrate a number of different possibilities once you get past the first 13 pages comfortably.

These 46 pages have a wealth of information. I hope you will enjoy it and use it well!


This is not a theory book although, there is theory involved! What you have is a book to familiarize yourself with my practice routine. With a 36” neck, you have a lot of real estate to cover in the first 5 frets. Starting on the low C and going up 5 frets takes you to a high F on the C string. This is the area we are going to concentrate on.

I warmup every day. I have been doing this routine for many years. When you look at the examples, one thing you will notice; there are no metronome markings. Since we are all at different levels, I would suggest starting at the beginning where you are most comfortable. This is not a race! This is a slow and steady warmup. Originally I would warm up for an hour or so. More recently I have been able to pair it down. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Listen to your hands and keep your ears open!

I've Got Something Special For You

I have a secret weapon that I have been using for most of my bass playing life. I started doing this exercise when I was touring because it was the perfect 30 minute "warmup" before a gig.

When you purchase my "The 6 String Bass Warmup" you will be able to click a link and download this  "secret weapon..."

The DCG 6 String Bass Fingerbuster


The 6 String Bass Warmup
The 6 String Bass Warmup
I can't wait for you to get started on your musical journey with this book