Let's Get Lost:A Compendium of Alternate Tunings Volume 1



Recently, Tom Semioli and I interviewed Michael Manring on our radio show and podcast “Notes From An Artist.” We touched on a number of topics, one of those was Michael’s use of alternate tunings. It was a fascinating discussion and I knew a book would be an important addition to the collection of bass instruction books that are available today. What I found intriguing was that by just changing the open tuning of any of the 4, 5, or 6 strings of a bass would create new possibilities and new fingerings that in the beginning will both excite and confuse you. This is why I have titled the book “Let’s Get Lost” because, that is exactly what will happen! However, after “getting lost” you will navigate your way into a number of interesting places that will change how you both play and hear and you will never be the same again! This is a downloadable product

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